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International award-winning recording artist, Stella Parton, recently announced plans for her Red Tent Revival and Women’s Conference.

Well-known for her music, acting and writing, Stella has been blessed with a successful career; however, as noted in her recent inspirational memoir, Tell It Sister, Tell It, it has not been an easy ride.  Through her own journey, she has faced domestic violence situations as well as difficult business and personal hurdles all while being a single mother.

Because of her own experiences, Stella has long been an advocate for women, often raising money for domestic violence shelters across the country and teaching her class “Beauty on a Budget And Self-Esteem is Free.”  Stella is now taking her work to the next level offering her Red Tent Revival and Women’s Conference to businesses, women’s organizations and churches across the country.  Stella comments, “This is something I’ve been developing for quite some time and I am so excited to meet and encourage women of all ages and types.  We are all in this together and we should help and inspire our ‘sisters.’”

This event is designed to nurture and coach the women of today and focuses on multiple topics such as spiritual/health, legal, image, relationships and home.    The concept for the “Red Tent Revival” was conceived by Stella after reading the book, “The Red Tent” about the life of Dinah, the only daughter of Leah and Jacob.  In this novel, it talks about her growing up in a Hebrew family and of the empowerment and sisterhood of the women in the camp and this bonding of women, from the youngest to the oldest, happened in “The Red Tent.”

While the Red Tent Revival has spiritual roots, it is targeted to reach ALL women no matter their religious affiliation.  Stella comments, “This event is simply about love – understanding how to love and nurture yourself and then to pass that understanding on to others.”

In addition to her work with the Red Tent, Stella continues her entertainment career with the release of her much anticipated DVD, Live In Nashville, featuring footage from a 1990 concert in Nashville which was pulled from the Attic Entertainment archives to compile this first installment in the planned Vintage Collection Series.   More projects are on the horizon with a soon to be released audiobook version of her inspirational memoir, Tell It Sister, Tell It and new music next year.

Stella Parton’s passion runs deep and can be felt in her music and writing, but opening the door to the Red Tent Revival and Women’s Conference reveals an even deeper dedication – one that can not be expressed with words, but can only be truly understood when experienced.

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